Electric Utility Design


Electric Generation, Transmission, Distribution For Substations, Switchyards and Power Plants

It’s our newest service division but already it’s among our most experienced, with industry-leading expertise. Manager Lynn Schroeder worked more than a quarter-century for Westar Energy in protection and control engineering for transmission, generation and distribution. She not only understands National Electric Reliability Council (NERC) reliability standards, she helped develop them as a member of the NERC system protection and control subcommittee. Schroeder also has served on numerous other electric utility national and regional councils and working groups.

Schroeder and her team offer a full range of electric utility design capabilities for any size electric generation, transmission and distribution – from major utility providers to the smallest operator. Capabilities include setting and design of power system protective relays, analysis of system disturbances, RTU design, substation automation, distribution automation, power quality investigations, motor studies, device coordination and more.

Our Electric Utility Design Expertise
  • Protection & Control Design
  • Physical Design

  • Monitoring & Data Acquisition Design

  • Engineering Studies & Utility Services