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Reifenhauser Warehouse — Wichita, KS

Manufacturing Facility Designed for Today and Tomorrow


When Reiloy USA was ready to put its roots down and build its new 61,000 SF manufacturing facility, it was crucial to maintain a future-minded approach. With additional expansions already planned, upfront costs needed to be minimized while also balancing the priorities of the initial project and the future.


MKEC jumped in and drew on multiple disciplines to set up Reiloy for success today and tomorrow. Our team designed packaged DX rooftop air conditioning equipment to provide heating and cooling for the manufacturing and common area. After performing an electrical cost-benefit analysis, we determined the appropriate electrical equipment needed to reduce cost down the road for the facility as future expansions are built. Special structural considerations were made to accommodate three concrete molded pits, used during our client’s unique manufacturing process. The three pits are connected, and sump pumps were installed to eliminate any drainage issues. Our team successfully handled a timing crunch for the design, as the pits needed to be poured at the same time as the floor. With Reiloy’s strategic approach and our team’s forward-thinking mindset, long-term considerations were balanced with initial costs to provide a top-notch facility now and into the future.

We were able to balance long-term considerations with initial costs to provide a top-notch facility now and into the future.

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