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Westar 777 Wichita, KS

New HVAC Design Highlights Control Room Retrofit


Westar Energy required a complete remodel of its existing service and operations control center while keeping other areas of the building fully operational. Most of the existing equipment and piping needed to be replaced. Additionally, new HVAC design and equipment were necessary, but it had to fit within the constraints of the early 1900s building.


Westar temporarily relocated the existing service and operations control center during the winter to allow for full replacement of chilled water systems. Temporary cooling systems were provided to serve the UPS/server rooms to supplement cooling where needed. The two existing air handling units (AHU) in the mechanical room were replaced with a single AHU to maximize existing mechanical room space. The ductwork was combined from the single air handling unit to keep the existing system ductwork mains in place, allowing more space for other necessary equipment. The operations center control room was redesigned and upgraded with new ceilings and acoustical panels as well as new flat screen monitors. The UPS and generator power systems were connected to the new operations center workstations. Each workstation was equipped with normal power and a backup power system to allow for full operation under all conditions of power outages and equipment failures.

HVAC design and equipment had to fit within the constraints of the early 1900s building.

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