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Aquifer Storage and Recovery Pipeline Design Wichita, KS

Aquifer Storage and Recovery Pipeline Design


As part of Phase II of its project to recharge the Equus Beds aquifer – a significant source of city water – the City of Wichita sought to connect a nearby well field to the main aquifer transmission line. The 3.2-mile, 12- to 16-inch HDPE pipeline needed to cross under a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers floodway and follow, for part of the route, along an existing deteriorated 48-inch cast iron pipe.


We used directional drilling to lay the pipe under the Corps floodway and above-grade installation over the floodway dikes. We slip-lined the pipe inside the 48-inch cast iron pipe and elsewhere used direct bury. In addition, we crossed paved roads by slip-lining through casing pipe that was installed via jack-and-bore. We overcame each of the various challenges with cost-effective, efficient aquifer storage and recovery solutions.

Recharging the Equus Beds aquifer is vital to the health of Wichitans.

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