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Blackwell Wastewater Treatment Plant Blackwell, OK

Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant


Rehabilitating an aging wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) with significantly high levels of heavy metals while keeping the old plant operational throughout construction


The City of Blackwell’s old trickling filter WWTP required frequent, costly repairs, so the City hired us to assess its condition and provide them with options. Due to groundwater contamination that leached into the sewer system decades ago, the plant must treat higher than normal levels of heavy metals. The City took our recommendation to replace the main treatment process with a new Aero-Mod package plant – one of the very first in Oklahoma. The Aero-Mod process and a new lab building were constructed within the current plant area, performing the same treatment operation in just 1/3 of the space and reducing heavy metals so much that the sludge can now be disposed of as regular landfill waste. We also integrated the existing influent pump station and plant headworks building into the new overall process. With more automation, the new plant requires less manpower to operate. We finished this $7 million project in 2/3 of the normal time while keeping the old plant operational throughout construction.

Mindful of our client’s tight timeline, we finished this $7 million project in two-thirds of the normal time, maintaining our commitment to keep the old plant operational throughout construction.

Keith Ayotte, PE, MKEC

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