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The Courtyards at Auburn Hills - Wichita, KS

A New Concept in Land Development

Engineering Challenge

Before this project even began, the challenge was clear: How to advance a new land development approach that doesn’t fit within the typical planning and zoning requirements. Our client saw an opportunity to use a unique property by developing a zero lot line single family product.

Engineering Success

We knew that the project would have to overcome current zoning restrictions and win variances from the local governing body. We developed a concept that provided the basis for initial conversations with local officials to introduce this innovative concept. Then, leveraging our knowledge of the planning and zoning process, we presented compelling reasons to the client by educating all involved. This allowed the unique qualities of the project – which were outside typical zoning rules – to be seen for the long-term benefits they would deliver to future homeowners while also meeting local regulatory needs. The final product is a 20-acre infill project that nestles 76 lots against an upscale golf course and adjacent to an existing residential development – all on a property that would have been difficult to develop using conventional approaches.

The property would have been difficult to develop using conventional approaches.

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