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HollyFrontier Refinery Tulsa, OK

3-D Scans Lead to Petroleum Refinery Savings


HollyFrontier needed a new distillation tower located with its lube oil facility. This presented several challenges: The existing facility within a petroleum refinery imposed significant space constraints, making it difficult to place new equipment while maintaining adequate open area for construction and future maintenance. The facility was congested with equipment, piping and electrical conduit, creating obstacles throughout. The new tower had a relatively small diameter but was quite tall, making it a challenge to adequately support.


We performed detailed 3-D laser scans throughout the existing facility to locate equipment, piping, structures and electrical fixtures. Using that data we created a 3-D design model to integrate new systems cleanly into the existing facility, avoiding interferences that can cause significant delays and added costs during construction. Using the 3-D model, we worked with the client’s engineering, operations and maintenance personnel to ensure that the new systems were safe, operable and simple to maintain. We also helped develop a supporting steel structure for the new tower which avoided the need for an oversized foundation support, simplified construction and minimized interruptions to daily operations. Our use of a non-typical helical-baffle shell and tube heat exchangers and the design of a multi-level equipment structure reduced the overall footprint. This allowed the new distillation tower to be located close to the existing unit and saved significant costs for long runs of pipe and structural steel.

We worked with the client to ensure that new systems were safe, operable and simple to maintain.

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