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Manifold System Storage and Transport

Manifold System Handles Complex Storage and Transport


Our client needed a new manifold system capable of both receiving and delivering nine different types of natural gas and gasoline products and transferring them to underground storage caverns, pipelines, trucks or rail lines. The system needed to incorporate and coordinate five sets of product pumps, product filters and custody transfer metering. Specific challenges included space constraints; the physical flexibility to use each single pump for various products; and the need for bidirectional custody transfer metering.


A new manifold system with five product pumps, product filters and custody transfer metering systems was designed, constructed and installed. The manifold provides options for receiving or delivering products to pipelines, trucks, rail lines or cavern storage. The goal was to segregate the products, ensure minimal cross-contamination, maintain product specification and provide accurate measurement for delivery both to and from customers. In addition to the ability to route each customer pipeline to underground storage caverns, the distribution manifold piping was configured with headers for nine different LPG and gasoline products. The distribution manifold can receive product from multiple pipelines while simultaneously delivering to caverns for storage or to another customer by way of truck, pipeline and rail loading.

We needed one system to manage 9 products. MKEC delivered.

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