Oklahoma City SkyDance Bridge Oklahoma City, OK

Iconic Bridge Becomes Symbol for Oklahoma City


MKEC and Oklahoma City-based SXL design group won a national bridge design competition sponsored by Oklahoma City. The charge was to build not just a pedestrian bridge, but an iconic structure that could become a symbol for the city’s forward-looking culture and a tourist attraction, all for the limited budget of $5 million. Additional challenges included coordination with FHWA, ODOT, Oklahoma City, Union Pacific and multiple consultants involved in the design and construction of the relocated I-40. Ever-changing schedules based on construction progress of I-40 added to the challenge.


We provided overall project management from the early stages, collaborating with SXL and state and federal regulatory agencies to keep the project moving in order to meet challenging schedules. In addition, our electrical engineers and designers effectively modeled and designed the structure’s LED lighting, which helps make it the iconic structure that it is today. The tight budget and layered regulatory oversight led to multiple reviews and constant schedule revisions, yet the result is an award-winning nationally recognized structure that has become a fixture in photographs depicting Oklahoma City's recent renaissance.

The result is an award-winning structure that has become a fixture in photographs depicting Oklahoma City’s recent renaissance.

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