canute road bridge over interstate

Canute Road over I-40 receives a makeover

July 6, 2018

I-40 Bridge Transformation

If you ever take a stroll down historic Route 66 and find yourself in Canute, Oklahoma, take a slight detour back to Interstate 40, and get a glimpse of the bridge that MKEC Engineering, Inc. helped reconstruct into a safety compliant, aesthetically pleasing structure.

Our team was asked to prepare plans and specifications to replace and repair the Canute Road Bridge that houses itself over I-40, just a quarter mile north of Route 66. Combating a short timeline and challenged with allowing at least one lane of traffic to flow at all times, our team was able to complete the bridge and traffic control plans within 90 days.

Every square inch of this bridge was either replaced, stained, painted, or covered with a protective coating. Other artistic pieces were added such as galloping horses carved into the concrete and the decorative medallion from the Oklahoma state flag. These aesthetic qualities make this bridge stand out from the others in this area.

MKEC was proud to be part of this project, creating the plans to help engineer a structurally sound, wider, and visually appealing bridge for the town of Canute, Oklahoma and all of the travelers that pass through it every day.