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Keeping Up with School District Growth in Grain Valley

May 15, 2024

Building relationships, listening, communicating, and solving problems has been the backbone of our relationship with Grain Valley schools for a decade and a half, and we don’t plan to do anything different in the years ahead.

The Heritage – An Anchor for the City of Andover

November 22, 2023

Read about this opportunity to create a traditional downtown space – an area where people could live, work and play without ever straying too far from home.

Putting the Pieces Together for Drainage Solutions

May 19, 2023

Living and working in the Midwest, we know rain is inevitable, but we also know if we put the drainage puzzle pieces together correctly, drainage problems don’t have to be. 

Site Change is No Problem for MKEC Engineers

April 19, 2023

Despite full-scale changes from an indoor facility to an outdoor concrete plant, our engineers worked together to design exactly what The Monarch Cement Company needed.

Land Development: From Bare Dirt to Reimagined Space

January 12, 2023

Our Land Development team does their best to understand and work with the unique characteristics of each piece of land, to create a project that fulfills the vision of the developer.

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