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Structural Provides Behind the Scenes Support

June 20, 2024

Our structural engineering team puts its best foot forward to design structures that best meet our client’s needs – even if most people never see the work they do.

Architectural Engineering Brings Buildings to Life

August 21, 2023

The architectural engineering group at MKEC is made up of mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and structural engineers who focus on all the engineering that goes into creating a building.

Site Change is No Problem for MKEC Engineers

April 19, 2023

Despite full-scale changes from an indoor facility to an outdoor concrete plant, our engineers worked together to design exactly what The Monarch Cement Company needed.

3D Scanning: Moving Design Into the Future

November 11, 2021

As 3D scanners have become more powerful, more accurate and easier to use, they have become a must-have technology for design and engineering.

Planning for Today and Tomorrow

August 3, 2021

When we design and build structures like Reiloy’s with more than just today in mind, we provide long-term cost-savings, but more importantly, we help companies invest in the future of their communities.

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